Play Area Open

The Great Saling Playground is now open.

Please read the following guidance if you plan to take your children on the play equipment.

After discussions with playground advisers and our insurance company, we are pleased to be able to re-open the play area.  However, as with everything at the moment some restrictions and guidelines apply to ensure the safety of users.

There are signs around the play equipment with guidance for safe use, which, if followed, will help to keep yourselves, your children, other people’s children, and the wider community safe.  Remaining open will depend on this guidance being followed.

We will be monitoring this on a regular basis.

Remember to use hand sanitiser regularly and you should consider wiping high touch areas before use.  The equipment is not being cleaned so the responsibility lies with the users to ensure that hands are cleaned before and after use and, ideally, to wipe down equipment when they have finished using it to help those who will play on the equipment after you.

Be aware of the need for social distancing and give other playground users space.   The two-metre social distancing rule is still in place.   This should be maintained where possible by both by standing parents and by the children using the equipment, unless they are all part of the same household bubble.  The social distancing rule applies over the whole of the recreation ground.

Do NOT use the play area if you or a member of your family have coronavirus symptoms or are self-isolating.   If you or your children test positive for Covid 19 any time up to a week after using the equipment, please inform us immediately using the email address at the foot of this message.

Remind children not to put their mouths on equipment and not to put their hands near their face. We recognise that this is difficult, especially with small children, so it is even more important to sanitise small hands regularly.

If the play area is busy, please come back later.  If your children are using the equipment please be aware that other people may be waiting to use it.  If this is the case, please be understanding and encourage your children to a move to another area if they have been in one place for a while.

Do not consume food or drink in the play area.   If you would like to picnic on the rec, please move away from the playground so that distancing guidance can still be met and other people can use it.

Please take all of your litter home with you.   Leaving your litter for us to pick up puts our volunteers at risk.

Please be aware that this is shared equipment and used at your own risk.  If you have any queries, see any signs that have become unsecured, or have anything else to report. Please contact us on:

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