AGENDA for Meeting 11th March 2020, 7pm

20/42 Apologies for Absence

20/43 Consideration of the Minutes of the meeting held on 12th February 2020

20/44 Declarations of interest
To declare the existence and nature of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interest,
other Pecuniary Interest or Non-Pecuniary Interest relating to items on the agenda having regard to the Code of Conduct for Members and having taken appropriate advice where necessary before the meeting

20/45 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest.
Please note: When Council starts to discuss any item on the agenda, where a member has an interest, the member with that interest must have regard to the Code of Conduct and make the necessary disclosure and where appropriate leave the meeting.

The maximum time allowed for this item is 15 minutes, at the close of this item; members of the public will no longer be permitted to address the council; members with prejudicial interests will also not be permitted to speak and address the council on those interests.

20/46 District Councillors Report

20/47 County Councillors Report

20/48 Clerks Report

20/49 Action Group Liaison Officer’s Report

20/50 Finance
20/50.1 £199.20 Staffing Costs Mar Bacs
20/50.2 £27.36 A & J Lighting Solutions Maintenance D/D
20/50.3 £48.78 Haven Electricity D/ d
20/50.4 £ Clerks Expenses Bacs
20/50.5 £2820.00 DAC Planning NP Bacs
20/50.6 £1500.00 Paul Munson NP Bacs

20/50.7 Budget Figures and Bank reconciliation

20/51 Traffic Problems/Highways

20/52 Planning Applications

20/52.1 Planning Results Outstanding

19/02332/LBC Replace roof on cartlodge. – Holly Cottage, The Street,
Great Saling

19/02280/HH & 19/02281/LBC Proposed construction of detached garage/store with first floor office – Stucleys, New Green, Bardfield Saling

19/02249/FUL Erection of two-storey, 3 bedroomed detached dwelling house – Medlars, Blake End, Great Saling

19/01566/HH Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of replacement annex – Petellen, Blake End, Great Saling

20/53.2 Neighbourhood Plan update

20/53.3 Braintree Local Plan Consultation.
20/53.3.1 Local Plan Hearing January 2020 update

20/53.4 Uttlesford District Councils Local Plan update

20/53.5 Joint Council Committee report

20/53.6 Stebbing PC and Salings PC co-operation to apply for widening of the area
of the ACV on Andrewsfield. Update.

20/54 Playing Field

20/55 Matters affecting the Village Hall Committee

20/56 Consultations/Publications sent

20/57 Social Evening & Future Events: Update

20/58 New website: Update

20/59 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

20/60 Essex Village of the Year Competition

20/61 Village Enhancement
To discuss what needs doing in the village either DIY, tidy the village.
Plant more trees if so where?

20/62 Parish Mag article
To discuss what should be put in the Parish Mag

20/63 Additional Councillor
Update on whether the Council can add seats on the council

20/64 Date of the next meeting 8th April 2020

20/65 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda
Please note that no decisions can lawfully be made under this item. LGA 1972 section 12 10(2) (b) states that business must be specified; therefore the Council cannot lawfully raise matters for decision.

19/66 Closure

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