Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting, held on Wednesday 11th March 2020

Present Cllr Baugh (Chairman)
Cllr Bennett
Cllr Jiggins

DC Eusaden
3 members of the public
Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk)

20/42 Apologies for Absence
Cllr Martin
Cllr Greenwood
Cllr Coe

20/43 Minutes of the meeting held on 12th February 2020 were approved by all members
of the council present.

20/44 Declarations of interest
Cllr Bennett Cllr Jiggins VHMC and Action Group.

20/45 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest.
Two residents were concerned with the state of the Village Hall car park

20/46 District Councillors Report
The DC gave the council a map of the Velo cycle race which will go through Great Saling on the 20th September 2020.

20/47 County Councillors Report
No Report

20/48 Clerks Report
The Clerk thanked everyone who attended the Litter Pick on Sunday.

20/49 Action Group Liaison Officer’s Report
The Action Group is planning to plant 100 trees in and around the Great Saling and Bardfield Saling.

20/50 Finance
20/50.1 £199.20 Staffing Costs Mar Bacs
20/50.2 £27.36 A & J Lighting Solutions Maintenance D/D
20/50.3 £45.76 Haven Electricity D/ d
20/50.4 £27.25 Clerks Expenses Bacs
20/50.5 £2820.00 DAC Planning NP Bacs
20/50.6 £1500.00 Paul Munson NP Bacs
20/50.7 £120.00 Salings Parish Hall Hall Hire Bacs
Payments were approved by all members of the councillors present.
Cllr Bennett checked the invoices at the meeting.

20/50.7 Budget Figures and Bank reconciliation
The Clerk sent these out prior to the meeting

20/51 Traffic Problems/Highways
The Clerk to send a letter to Essex Farms regarding the mud on the road at Bardfield Saling and the ditch between Woolpits Road and Gentlemen’s Farm overflowing on to the road and various other issues in and around Bardfield Saling.

20/52 Planning Applications

20/52.1 Planning Results Outstanding

19/02332/LBC Replace roof on cartlodge. – Holly Cottage, The Street,
Great Saling

19/02280/HH & 19/02281/LBC Proposed construction of detached garage/store with first floor office – Stucleys, New Green, Bardfield Saling

19/02249/FUL Erection of two-storey, 3 bedroomed detached dwelling house – Medlars, Blake End, Great Saling

19/01566/HH Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of replacement annex – Petellen, Blake End, Great Saling

20/53.2 Neighbourhood Plan
The Steering Group met the previous evening.

20/53.3 Braintree Local Plan Consultation.
20/53.3.1 Local Plan Hearing January 2020
Matt O’Connell gave a brief update on what’s happening at the moment
with regards to the Local Plan, particularly with reference to WOB. Further submissions have been made in response to questions raised by the Inspector at the EIP. We are now all awaiting the Inspector’s letter which could be as early as this month.

20/53.4 Uttlesford District Councils Local Plan update
The Local Plan will be going back to the planning committee to decide the next step.

20/53.5 Joint Council Committee No report

20/53.6 Stebbing PC and Salings PC co-operation to apply for widening of the area
of the ACV on Andrewsfield.
Cllr Baugh and Cllr Jiggins are organising a meeting with Robert Bucknell to discuss an application to extend the ACV at the airfield.

20/54 Playing Field
The Clerk has had a conversation with MD Landscapes about the amount of dog fouling on the Playing Field. The Clerk is going to highlight this problem in the Parish Mag and on Facebook.

20/55 Matters affecting the Village Hall Committee
The Council discussed the fact that the Village Hall Committee still haven’t made a decision about tarmacking the car park, following on from the concerns raised earlier in the meeting residents. The Clerk will send a letter to the Village Hall Committee to update them.

The Village Hall AGM will be on the 20th May 2020 at 8pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

20/56 Consultations/Publications sent
Any have been circulated

20/57 Social Evening & Future Events:
Velo Essex Event on 20th September: Cllr Jiggins suggested that we should organise a village event around this since cycle events normally create a great atmosphere. The question is whether it should be a formally organised event (to which other villages could be invited) or if it is something more informal. A formal event will need help with organisation. This will be raised in the new Parish Council News article that the PC will be contributing to the magazine each month.

20/58 New website:
The Clerk has been working on the website which is up and running but still needs some technical input. The Agenda and Minutes will be published on the new website each month.

20/59 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village
Nothing was raised in addition to the items raised under separate points.

20/60 Essex Village of the Year Competition
The Clerk will add a piece to the new Parish Council News article in the Parish Magazine. If The Salings are to enter this will require residents of the villages to participate.

20/61 Village Enhancement
To discuss what needs doing in the villages in terms of maintenance, tidying up.
The Clerk will place an advert for a Handy Man to carry out various jobs for the PC. The Councillors will provide the Clerk with a list of things that need to be done.

Plant more trees if so where?
The PC is keen to take up the offers of free trees that are being made by various organisations. The Clerk will speak to local landowners to see if they need any trees. Anyone who is interested in planting trees on their land should contact the Clerk.

20/62 Parish Mag article
To discuss what should be put in the Parish Mag. The Councillors added items to the Parish Mag article as the meeting went on. Councillors agreed that it is a great way to keep residents informed about what the PC is doing and what is going on in the villages. The March Report to include W.o.B update, Litter Pick, Velo Cycle Race, Channel Cleaning, Dog Fouling, Reporting Pot Holes, Essex Village of the Year etc

20/63 Additional Councillor
Update on whether the Council can add seats on the council.
The Clerk had spoken to Steve Daynes and he has informed the Clerk that this was not possible since the parish governance had only recently been done.

20/64 Date of the next meeting 8th April 2020

20/65 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

19/66 Meeting Closed at 8.45

Signed………………………………… Dated………………………………………….






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