Draft Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 9th September 2020 via Zoom

Present  Cllr Jiggins

Cllr Martin

Cllr O’Connell

Cllr Baugh

Cllr Aggiss

DC Euesden

Cllr Butland

Cathryn Carlisle (Clerk)


20/156 Apologies for Absence

Cllr Bennett


20/157 Minutes of the meeting held on 12th Aug 2020, were approved as a true record of the meeting.

20/158   Declarations of interest

Cllr Jiggins & Cllr Martin – VHMC

20/159 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual                       interest.

There were none present

20/160   District Councillors Report

This was sent over in advance. There were no questions.

20/161 County Councillors Report

CC Butland gave examples of where the money for the Locality Fund is going.

The Clerk to send CC Butland details and photos of Byway 5 (Paulsies Lane) to see if Highways will shut the                 lane for repair.

20/162 Clerks Report

The Clerk had received an email from the EALC who said that Council are to carry on doing Virtual Meeting                  unless there is good evidence that the Council has to meet in person and then only once a risk assessment                      has been carried out.

20/163    Action Group Liaison Officer’s Report

No Report

20/164 Finance

20/164.1 £256.80       Staffing Costs                             September      Bacs

20/164.2 £27.36        A & J Lighting Solutions           Maintenance   D/D

20/164.3 £48.78       Haven                                             Electricity        D/D

20/164.4 £24.75       Clerks                                             Expenses         Bacs

20/164.5 £246.43    MDLandscapes                            Grass Cutting   Bacs

Payments were approved by all members of the council present.

The Clerk explained that NALC had sent the pay rises for Clerks that should have come through in April.  The               Clerk has back dated as requested by Nalc

20/164.6 Budget Figures and Bank reconciliation

These were sent out prior to the meeting

20/165 Traffic Problems/Highways

             20/165.1 Traffic Noise Joint project with Stebbing

                            No Report

             20/165.2  ECC Pothole Initiative

The Clerk has registered the Potholes on The Street and the holes/uneven pavement as you enter                                     Hall Farm Green.

20/165.3   Traffic Calming

The Councillors met on The Street earlier in the week to discuss what traffic calming measures                                         could be implemented in Great Saling. Several options were put forward and these were taken to                                     the meeting for discussion. We were promised a meeting with ECC and Highways earlier in the                                         year but have now been told that this will not happen. The Clerk is to contact Jasmine Wiles the                                       Braintree LHP representative to try to arrange a meeting to discuss the problems before we                                               approach Highways with our proposals.  As heavy lorry movements are a large part of the                                                   problem  the Clerk is to write to Baileys to see if they have a number for how many lorries come                                         through the village daily/weekly.

20/166 Planning Applications

20/01260/LBC  Removal of modern stud walling within toilet area to make better provision for access for                                                  disabled customers and allow renovation of existing toilets. – Unit 11, Blake House Craft                                                      Centre, Blake End

20/01268/LBC  Widening of doorway between original barn and modern  extension to provide better                                                         wheelchair access. – Unit 11, Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End

20/01263/LBC  Removal of modern stud walling between old kitchen area and front entrance to make better                                             provision for access for disabled customers, addition of railings to negate trip hazards caused                                             by removal of bar furniture and reveal heritage features. – Unit 11, Blake House Craft Centre,                                            Blake End

20/01267/LBC  Removal of modern “hutch” to improve wheelchair access and  reveal heritage features. –                                                     Unit 11, Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End

20/01365/LBC | Addition of staircase to access existing mezzanine to serve as a staff office and the creation                                                of  a doorway to access existing loft space. | Unit 11 Blake House Craft Centre Blake End                                                     Great Saling Essex CM77 6SH

20/166.1 Planning Results Outstanding

20/00239/TPOCON Notice of intent to carry out works to tree in a Conservation Area – Remove Silver                                                                  Birch  – Hall Green House, 1 Hall Farm Green, The Street           

20/01081/FUL  Construction of a single storey light industrial building for computer engineering and                                                            software development – Land At, Piccotts Lane, Great Saling

20/00896/VAR | Variation of Condition 2 ‘Approved Plans’ of permission 19/00511/FUL granted 16/03/2019                                             for: Erection of 1 four bed, two storey dwelling house and garage. Variation would allow: –                                                   Reconfiguration to provide integral garage. – Enlargement of first floor to north                                                                     elevation.  Tower House Grove Villas Great Saling Essex   Granted

20/166.2 Neighbourhood Plan update

Awaiting Consultation

20/166.3 Braintree Local Plan Consultation.

North Essex Section 1 Plan – Invitation to comment on 2018-based  household projections                                               Consultation on changes to planning policy and regulations, The Clerk to contact Matt O’Connell and                             ask if he could respond on behalf of  the Parish Council.

20/166.4 Uttlesford District Councils Local Plan update

No Update

20/167 Playing Field

20/167.1  Play Equipment

The Clerk has emailed the company concerning the deterioration of the  see-saw and is awaiting a reply.

20/168 Matters affecting the Village Hall Committee

The VHMC are looking for other quotes for the Car Park repairs.

20/169 Consultations/Publications sent

20/169  Emergency Plan

The Clerk had made the changes suggested, this will be sent to BDC

20/170 Reports from Councillors with matters affecting the village

There have been a lot of reports of vehicles racing around the roads. Residents are reporting them to the                         police.

20/171  Village Enhancement


Cllr O’Connell presented a Tree Planting Plan for Great Saling which was agreed by all councillors.  The                          Clerk  has to apply for permissions from Greenfields and BDC before planting can take place.  The Clerk to                    contact Charmaine Beckett and see if she has a Tree Planting Plan for Bardfield Saling.


Various options were discussed. It was agreed that Councillors would bring suggestions for positioning and                   estimated costs to the next meeting so they could be included in  the budget for the coming financial year.                    We will also apply to Cllr Butland’s Locality Fund for a grant towards this. If planters were put on the                              wide path on the street we would need permission from Highways.

20/172    Action Plan

               Cllrs Agreed the Action Plan

The Clerk is to make a separate list of Handy Man Jobs 

20/173 Parish Mag article

Cllr Jiggins to put a report together and circulate for approval. Channel Cleaning will take place on the 6th                    Oct 2020.

20/174  Welcome Pack   

              To be discussed next month.

20/175   Wreath for Remembrance Sunday

The Clerk to purchase a wreath for Remembrance Sunday. A donation of £25 will be made to the Poppy                         Appeal

20/176  Date of the next meeting 14th October Virtual Meeting

20/177 Matters to be raised by members for the next agenda

Byways and Footpaths

20/178 Meeting Closed at 18.50pm




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